Friday, May 6, 2011

One Days Trip

Hmm..late post again..hehee..please forgive me ^^
My dear readers, do you enjoy your labour day ? I'm decide going to Melacca have a
one days trip..^^ travel mode will be on..

Traffic jam when we are going to Seremban..Mood feel down..><

After an hour half,we reach Melacca on late..
Going some famous placein Melacca..Dunno what the name,
juz know it is Red house or Portugese house..@@

Melacca view..All the shortest you like it??

(/ □ \) this Mr.Ng so naughty..climb there climb here..hahas

LOVE the melacca night views XD awesome

Get entrance in to the museum..its talk about sailing boat

Do you belive it..its the tranditional money..$$ crocodile shape

Wuwu..actually the most likey food in Melacca is cendol and nyonya food..
We found the restaurant almost 1hour..T.T finally get it...BUT the restaurant close aredi...
Most disappointed things..Nvm, Mr.Ng was promise me , bring me
visit and eat cendol on next time..^^

So we have our dinner in GAI FAN LAP (鸡饭粒)
restaurant ^-^

Order roasted chicken

<3 I like tis..roasted duck

Fishball soup

This dinner quite cheap, juz rm20++ mayb its Melacca place..^^
A short post finish written...gotta to say bye


  1. absolutely a nice place to visit.. love your pics!

  2. Woots..thanks nick..^^ melacca city is getting to improve..have alot of activity..heeee

  3. mr ng is ur bf?

  4. yea..^^ cute name for him..