Monday, May 16, 2011

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心血来潮,来一篇华语帖子,嘻嘻 发觉本人有点常选择错方法,意思是走了很多冤枉的路 其实之前尝试过吃减肥药 >< 知道不好,也敢去拼 ,久了~~才发觉到药物得不好 美眉们,不像我这样哦,药物带来好多我们预不到的坏结果 嗯,现在我呢,参加了Fitness First的委员会,一个星期保持三四次的GYM

到今天,我才刚参加两个星期,可是真的见到效果了,没夸张啦 连我的同事都觉得我瘦了点 嘻嘻 瘦了点就已经觉得很开心而没觉得白费 所以要加倍努力,Gambateh ^^

一路来都喜爱的cherry tomato,配上运动,效果会明显多吧?
不过,一时也会让自己放肆一下,吃些自己喜欢吃的食物 xD

明年会全职读书,^^ 因为目前为止,我常加班,真的令我觉得超累的
选择全职读书,才可以让我喘回气来 ( ̄︶ ̄)

工作,做到老都可以,可是读书的心态不是时常有的 ,希望自己挨得过去
争取自己的未来 ^^

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fullhouse Photo Shooting

Sorry,my dear readers for waiting my shooting picture <3 <3 <3
Do you remember it? previous post was talking about the next labour day what I'm doing..
Heheee..I was be a model shooting by photographer in Fullhouse, Sunway Giza Mall

While I'm waiting, using my digital camera snap snap snap ^^
too many emotions , LOLSSSS

Photo by Khor Photographer..That's he works..
Which you like it???

This photo I'm mostly likey xD

done..hmm,typing my next post later..

Friday, May 6, 2011

One Days Trip

Hmm..late post again..hehee..please forgive me ^^
My dear readers, do you enjoy your labour day ? I'm decide going to Melacca have a
one days trip..^^ travel mode will be on..

Traffic jam when we are going to Seremban..Mood feel down..><

After an hour half,we reach Melacca on late..
Going some famous placein Melacca..Dunno what the name,
juz know it is Red house or Portugese house..@@

Melacca view..All the shortest you like it??

(/ □ \) this Mr.Ng so naughty..climb there climb here..hahas

LOVE the melacca night views XD awesome

Get entrance in to the museum..its talk about sailing boat

Do you belive it..its the tranditional money..$$ crocodile shape

Wuwu..actually the most likey food in Melacca is cendol and nyonya food..
We found the restaurant almost 1hour..T.T finally get it...BUT the restaurant close aredi...
Most disappointed things..Nvm, Mr.Ng was promise me , bring me
visit and eat cendol on next time..^^

So we have our dinner in GAI FAN LAP (鸡饭粒)
restaurant ^-^

Order roasted chicken

<3 I like tis..roasted duck

Fishball soup

This dinner quite cheap, juz rm20++ mayb its Melacca place..^^
A short post finish written...gotta to say bye

Monday, May 2, 2011


The next day of labour day 2/5 have a date of photo shooting with Khor..Hmm,
juz 1day trip back from Melacca with Mr.Ng on labour day..Glad with me that I
can so active on the next shooting day and wont feel tired ><

Going to Fullhouse @ Sunway Giza

About the photo, juz wait for photographer to post it ^^
stay tuned ya

xoxo ^^

Friday, April 29, 2011

Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie

Hang out with my dear Jen..Taking our brunch at Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie nearby
Jalan Delima..This is my 1st time going to Levain..Using a shortest time going to Levain..
hehee..bcoz do some research before I'm ready to go Levain..

Wearing same type of shirt but we dint promise each other before..juz ngam ngam..

LOVE environment here..

Spaghetti , share with Jen ^^

Macaroons..<3 <3 a durian taste and dark chocolate taste..

Cute Bun..Charcoal Bun but taste not like charcoal ><
its good taste, not so sweet xp

Hmm..feel full..hope next time visit Levain again..Delicious food and nice environment..^^
A short post update at here..Now I'm still thinking later wanna going gym or not..
It feel abit muscle pain..T.T confusing now..
Can u give me some opinion ??? <3